The New 2021 devotional
for the hip hop Generation
from Mr B. the Guru


The Proverbs Remix is the book of Proverbs, translated into a devotional experience for today’s hip-hop generation. It’s a remix that features over 1000 seeds of wisdom from some of the wisest minds and most successful men in history. It is sure to be your favorite devotional read of 2021.

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Meet the guru


Leon Burnette (aka Mr. B the Guru) is a native of Los Angeles who has also spent over forty-five years working in the entertainment and travel industries. He’s a youth mentor, author, musicologist, certified international tour director…


media arts institute

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Since day one, the mission of the Media Arts Institute has been to help young men that have grown up in father-less environments, are homeless, or are incarcerated have easy access to caring mentors and God’s Wisdom and instruction. For every Proverbs Remix book you purchase, we donate a Proverbs Remix on your behalf


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Media Arts Mentoring Academy (MAMA) is a national mentoring network of men, women, and community-builders committed to supporting young black creative entrepreneurs, storytellers, media technologists, writers, songwriters’, publishers’ producers, filmmakers, and travel professionals.


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We are putting the Proverbs Remix in the hands of 1 million Boys around the World. Our goal is to make sure all young men, regardless of their financial situation, have free access to God’s blueprint to transform themselves from foolish children into wise adults. But we need your help in doing so. 


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“I met Mr. B when I was a senior in high school. He was presenting the Media Arts Mentoring Academy (MAMA) programs to my multi-media design class.   I had always payed close attention when someone was able to spark my interest, and what immediately captured my attention was Mr. B’s wisdom in his speech pattern”

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