I’m a mentor, author and explorer

who loves to create new experiences and share Gods Wisdom with young people of all races.

I enjoy making young people’s dreams become a reality. I have a passion for helping them grow into wise adults that are armed with common sense.

I try to inspire people of all ages with books, music, and travel.

Leon Burnette (aka Mr. B the Guru) is a native of Los Angeles who has also spent over forty-five years working in the entertainment and travel industries. He’s a youth mentor, author, musicologist, certified international tour director, and former worldwide concert tour manager for A-list chart-topping recording 

Leon also the founder and CEO of two organizations making a significant difference in urban communities—the Media Arts Institute of Alabama and MAMA, the Media Arts Mentoring Academy.
He is deeply passionate about speaking and mentoring aspiring visionaries, storytellers, creative and tour professionals.
His innovative digital media and travel training programs are designed to give African American students “on the job” real-world experience and technical training through internships with professional entertainment, communications, digital media companies, and travel operators.

Leon is also the Managing Director of Trip Schools’ Diversity Project in Travel and Tourism. In this role, he partners with the top tour operators across the country to take a hard look at how they can increase the hiring and training of minorities in the group travel industry.
He conducts online training programs, virtual tours, virtual mentoring programs and Diversity workshops designed to prepare these individuals to get hired, lead engaging tours, and help them start businesses in the media, entertainment technology, travel and event planning industry.
His dream for these programs is to expose inner-city youth to new opportunities, new careers, new cities, and new cultures worldwide.

Leon has always had a gift for visualizing, planning, and executing creative ideas, programs, and content for public consumption and enjoyment.
This dream didn’t only become a reality; it became the seed of opportunities where some of his diamond pupils used their real-world experience from these programs to later establish their own multi-million-dollar companies.

The Guru is an individual who cannot only dream but, most importantly, execute programs and initiatives that make a difference in urban communities around the world.


He is the author of The Civil Rights Trail Tour guide handbook for Tour operators and guides and the newly released Devotional for urban young adults, The Proverbs Remix.
Leon currently resides in Huntsville, Alabama.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to know more about The Guru, hear it out from the man himself with answers he has given to these few questions…

May 18, 1951 Los Angeles california

Leon like the Lion. Like Kleon, rhymes with neon

USC –University of South-Central Los Angeles

The Media Arts Institute of Alabama – a 501 c3 nonprofit

Owner/Tour Director: Civil Rights Trail Tours

My close friends and students gave it me because I was always mentoring and “Dropping Dimes of Wisdom on them.

Tattoo Gods Wisdom and Instructions on your Heart, Practice Using Common Sense and Never, Ever, Ever Give up

To be successful you must love to learn, learn to be disciplined and always seek Gods wisdom before you make any moves!

You must fear and learn from God- He is the beginning of  all Knowledge and Wisdom.

The Bible and anything talking about Black History and Black music.

I can share my personal testimony about God Grace and Mercy and how he saved my life


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