Since day one, the mission of the Media Arts Institute has been to help young men that have grown up in father-less environments, are homeless, or are incarcerated have easy access to caring mentors and God’s Wisdom and instruction.

We want them to participate in programs where they will have access to the blueprint on how to make Godly decisions and live a full and meaningful life with purpose.

That’s why for every Proverbs Remix book you purchase, we donate a Proverbs Remix on your behalf

Our Mission

With your help, the mission of the Media Arts Institute is to donate millions of Proverbs Remix devotionals to young men of color worldwide.

We exist to support the fatherless, homeless, and incarcerated male community and bring God’s Wisdom into the world’s darkest corners.


Published For Donation

Media Arts Press donates The Proverbs Remix to nonprofits, homeless shelters, prison ministries, and at-risk youth Organizations dedicated to mentoring and helping young men of color succeed in life. We want them to have a clear roadmap on how to grow from foolish children into wise adults.

We wrote this book to donate it to young men who were seeking direction in life. We want to introduce them to God’s power and love and give them a roadmap on becoming wise and successful.

The more books we sell, the more we donate.

As our publishing efforts grow, our giving and community effects grow right alongside these efforts.

As our young men grow in Wisdom, our communities will grow and prosper.

The more items we sell, the more we donate. As we grow, our giving and community efforts will continue to grow right alongside us.

One purchased = one donated.


Media Arts Mentoring Academy (MAMA)is a national mentoring network of men, women, and community-builders committed to supporting young black creative entrepreneurs, storytellers, media technologists, writers, songwriters’, publishers’ producers, filmmakers, and travel professionals.

MAMA connects these young creatives with mentors and internships that uniquely define and help our members discover and become who they are.

To help young black creatives uncover their authentic voice, fulfill their purpose, and become leaders that influence the world while designing and developing an honorable and prosperous future.

To increase the number of African American entrepreneurs, executives, producers, and storytellers operating in the music production, entertainment technology, publishing and multimedia, and tourism industries through mentoring training, networking opportunities, and job placement.

MAMA delivers innovative virtual and in-person mentoring and training programs that empower individuals to achieve success within the music, tourism, and media arts communities.

MAMA’s broad mandate encompasses social and economic principles working toward a vision of a more diverse workplace within the media arts and tourism industries. We are passionate advocates for telling unique and diverse African American experience stories through media, film, music, and travel experiences.

Our core belief is that the world is changed through passionate, engaging storytelling. The variety of stories we tell matter in ways that affect everyone regardless of age or racial makeup.

Each month beginning in March 2021, MAMA will host and conduct a series of virtual masterclasses, mentoring sessions, and storytelling workshops where members meet and interact with industry leaders to get an inside look at various career opportunities, companies’ requirements, mentoring and internship opportunities while answering questions about these industries.


If you are between the ages of 18-35 and are interested in being a part of MAMA’s virtual mentoring program, contact us to receive more information about MAMA and a membership application at this address:


For many of our urban young men, COVID-19 has created a significant obstacle to their spiritual growth, home stability, and personal success.

In addition to these challenges, they live in a moment where they are bombarded continuously and dealing with negative messages, unhealthy influences, and personal conflicts. Their heads are spinning as they deal with significant life challenges and decisions every day. These young men struggle with how to be kind, listen, exercise empathy, be wise, and make the right decisions.

In an attempt to help these young men navigate life’s troubled waters, Leon Burnette, aka Mr. B the Guru, and CEO of the Media Arts Mentoring Academy, has curated and written THE PROVERBS REMIX, a clear, concise modern interpretation of the Bible’s Book of Proverbs. God’s instructions on how to be wise and make godly decisions. We believe that a young man who practices making wise and smart choices and Godly decisions makes the world a safer place to live for everyone.

The Proverbs Remix is a music influenced 31-day guide containing over 1000 seeds of wisdom that will help young men who are growing up in homes without fathers, living in foster care, or in constant trouble at school and with the law learn the secrets to making Wise, Godly decisions.

This easy-to-read 31-day daily guide helps young men learn and understand God’s Wisdom and gives them the tools to transform from foolish children into wise God-fearing young adults.

The Media Arts Mentoring Academy is on a mission to help these young men figure out who they want to be by giving Gods Wisdom and instructions to over a million young men over the next two years.

Yes, this is a lofty goal, but we believe that we can reach this goal with your compassion and generosity.

For every $20 you donate, we can print and distribute three Proverbs Remix books to our growing sons, future fathers, and leaders.

Friends, we ask you to join us in making the world a safer and wiser place to live for everyone by giving what you can as many times as you can!

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The Media Arts Mentoring Academy was founded in 2003 by Leon Burnette as a national 501 c3 nonprofit mentoring organization and public charity dedicated to improving the life of young men who have grown up in fatherless, homes, are incarcerated and living in foster care 


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