It has been a pleasure to have known Leon Burnette for nearly forty years. He has consistently shown himself to be a very reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated professional and friend. He came along at a time in our Midnight Star career when we were ready for that next level of development and exposer.

His experience and guidance were a great asset to our entire organization. One of the highlights of our career was the introduction Leon provided to Mr. Quincy Jones. It was that meeting that opened my eyes and helped lead to the successful production of the “NO Parking On The Dance Floor” multi-platinum LP.

Mr. Burnette over the years has become a highly experienced leader while taking organizations and individuals to new heights. He is a visionary that can see far down the road to where things are going and drive change to meet that need. This has led him to become a highly sought-after and engaging speaker who is able to share his expertise and experiences with audiences of all ages.

A caring adult and mentor to many, he has given freely of himself and his resources over time. Beginning with his work with the Commodores and helping to develop the careers of other notable talents such as Calloway, Babyface and music industry executive, Antonio “LA” Reid, Leon has proven to be a permanent fixer in this ever-changing world. 

Reggie Calloway

Grammy Nominated Producers Director of Music Royalty Funding Sound Royalties


In the more than three decades that I've worked with Leon, three of his passions have undeniably evident: mentoring, music and history. And whether the audience is large or small, regardless of the age range, Leon is effective in connecting with them.

I credit his many years in the music business, which have given him hundreds of stories to tell. I also credit his thirst for knowledge, which has kept him well versed in not only history but current events. But what seals the deal is that Leon loves to engage with people. He enjoys interacting with them, learning, and sharing. 


Media Relations Consultant David Person Media LLC

Mr B as Tour Director

As a seasoned traveler, I've been on many vacation tours.  Leon is, quite simply, the best tour director/guide I've ever seen.  He has encyclopedic knowledge of the people, places, and events relevant to the civil rights movement.  He's exceptionally attuned to the interests, wants, and needs of each person in his tour group.  He has personal relationships with many of the local guides along the route.  And his logistical/scheduling skills are unsurpassed.  I enthusiastically recommend Leon for any civil-rights tour you may want to take

Roy Klien


Judge Roy Klien Group

Dr. Eric Thomas: ET The Hip Hop Preacher

The Number 1 Motivational Speaker in the World

“The Hip Hop Preacher” speaks on the value of exposure given to him by Leon “Mr. B The Guru” Burnette


I’ve had the privilege of working with Leon Burnette on a variety of projects since the mid-1990s. He has always been the consummate professional in his approach to these activities, and he has been a great partner.

 In addition to providing direct support for a family strengthening initiative called ‘The Conference on the Family’ to his current interest in providing high quality, culture-rich travel experiences for students and youth, Mr. Burnette has consistently demonstrated a passion for education and commitment to excellence in his work, and I wholeheartedly endorse his work.

He has a deep commitment to creating personal development and character enriching experiences for young people and has done so with great success.

Mr. Burnette is a proven leader, inspirational speaker, and visionary who will guarantee a successful and productive outcome for those whose lives he touches.


Director of Multicultural Affairs-City of Huntsville AL, Executive Director -Leadership Empowerment Enterprise


Leon Burnette is a master of connecting at the emotional level by touching all the key points of the brain through storytelling. Listening to Leon, listeners can see the image, feel the pain, hear the beats, smell the flavors, touch the grounds and be emotionally charged to act or respond. Leon takes the responsibility to assure that each participant not just hears but also comprehends. He carefully sets the stage, shares the background; identifies the need-to-know and emphasizes the current impact.

He literally connects the dots from yesterday to today in a digestible and compelling format.  Leon is a master storyteller.


CEO Scenethat Tours Huntsville Alabama


Leon Burnette is a master storyteller who brings passion to every creative project he’s involved with. I have been working with him at Road Scholars on a series of virtual educational lectures for older adults on the Civil Rights Movement and our participants couldn’t have agreed with me more: “Mr. Burnett is extremely knowledgeable, organized the information in a compelling progression, integrated personal stories with his scholarship, and masterfully added multimedia elements. He is clearly in love with his subject, and his love is infectious.” That is the magic of Leon’s work — he brings love to everything he does, and that is very apparent and infectious. In my opinion and experience, delivering educational content with his energy and passion is the most effective way to educate! Thank you, Leon, for your work!


Supervisor, Digital Communications Road Scholar Boston Campus

Mr B - As A Tour Director

I am happy to be able to strongly recommend Mr. Leon Burnette. Prior to the outbreak of COVID we worked with Mr. Burnette to develop a week long excursion into the states of Alabama and Georgia to visit major historical cites of importance to the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and ‘60s. Mr. Burnette’s professionalism, knowledge, and ability to connect with students are all strengths. He tailors presentations that prime students to look for important things in each place that we visit, and he has personal connections with both other tour guides and local restaurant owners which enhance the experience of our students. Furthermore, he possesses a keen knowledge of the subject matter that we discuss during the trip. Mr. Burnette is both kind and patient, and a positive influence. I can therefore strongly and enthusiastically recommend him, and will be recommending our school, the Crane Country Day School, retain him once more once we are out of this unfortunate situation. Louis Caron, PhD

Louis Caron, PhD

CRANE COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL 1795 San Leandro Lane | Santa Barbara, CA 93108 Phone: 805-969-7732, ext. 102 | Fax: 805-969-3635 Web:

Crane Country Day School Questionnaire

Yes, Leon did both trips that our school did with our 8th graders to the South.

We were over-the-moon satisfied with Leon’s service!

Leon combines knowledge and professionalism with a warm personality and an easygoing manner.

No. We recommend Leon to you wholeheartedly.

Absolutely! Leon understands adolescent psychology!

Peggie Smith- Headmaster Crane County Day School Santa Barbara CA

Mr B - As A Tour Director

My name Gregory Wright, and I have worked with Mr. Leon Burnette as he tour directed my students and me on their sixth-grade experiential learning experience over the last 3 year Our excursion allowed us to travel from Philadelphia to Atlanta, from Atlanta to Birmingham, then from Birmingham to Memphis, and from Memphis to back to Philadelphia. Our traveling party consisted of 40 students and 14 chaperones. The itinerary, including the lodging, was excellently planned by Mr. Burnette, and from the moment we met him, he immediately became an interictal and fantastic part of our learning experience. Mr. Burnette is knowledgeable, relatable, and authentic, and my students and the chaperones loved him. My current seventh-grade students often ask about Mr. B. Leon is an excellent tour guide who operates in the spirit of a Griot, and it is my honor to attach my personal and professional reputation to Mr. Leon Burnette.

Gregory A. Wright, Sr, M.Ed.

Global Leadership Academies Global Studies Coordinator Global Excursion Laision

Mr B as Mentor and Teacher

I met Mr. B when I was a senior in high school. He was presenting the Media Arts Mentoring Academy (MAMA) programs to my multi-media design class.   I had always payed close attention when someone was able to spark my interest, and what immediately captured my attention was Mr. B’s wisdom in his speech pattern. I could tell that he was knowledgeable in my areas of interest, and I made it my mission to not only become a part of the program; but be the star-student who would stand out from the crowd and become his protégé. I waited till everyone left the room, then I handed him a copy of one of my songs I wrote. The rough draft of the song was hard to listen to due to lack of recording experience, studio access, and engineering skills. However, Mr. B accepted it, listened to it, and told me that I had created something extremely unique. This gesture became the seed of everything that would soon inspire to transpire.  
The first time I had ever been interviewed on camera was when I signed up for the MAMA program. Mr. B gave me a sheet of paper and asked,   “What’s one word that describes yourself?”   I wrote ambitious in capital green letters and later taped that sheet of paper to my ceiling over my bed; it became the first thing I saw in the morning and the last things I saw while praying at night. It was a statement that reminded me I was destined to be someone in life, regardless of my current circumstances.  
The MAMA program impacted my life in a multitude of ways; I would have to write a book about it to tell the story in its entirety. It was during this time when I gained real-world experience for storytelling. Mr. B taught me how powerful the art of storytelling was; and illustrated this by doing on-the-spot interviews where his knowledge and wisdom started to become an enhancement for my intelligence. We would cover stories at a variety of community events, organization galas, Company initiates, Chamber meetings, and annually covered the Wounded Warriors Project every November. We focused on promoting “S.T.E.M.” as “S.T.EA.M.” and highlighted how art and design was a necessity for STEM driven projects.  
The most memorable event was when Mr. B took me to Los Angeles so I could be a scriptwriter and audio operator behind the scenes for the 2015 Tournament of Roses, Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game. This experience was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a kid growing up in Huntsville, Alabama; who had never flown on a plane and was trapped by circumstances. This experience was surgery for my creative eye because it sharpened my focus and gave me the ability to find the relevance in every story that crossed my path.  
The impact of everything Mr. B taught me transitioned into my career; and became more relevant once I reached adulthood. My mind still teleports itself back to those defining moments; and if I had an opportunity to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a single beat in the composition of our collaboration. It’s because of the seed Mr. B watered for me, I was able to seize success at an early age.


Award Winning Author & Speaker


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